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The Amajingqi community is made up of 12 villages situated between Willowvale and the Transkei coast. Located within the Mbashe Municipality, the area’s population of about 9,500 residents live in impoverished conditions, with the youth making up 65% of the population and 54% being females.

In order to turn around excessive unemployment and poverty prevalent in the area, the community, represented by the Amajingqi Traditional Council and Chief Ngwenyathi Dumalisile looks to Amajingqi Macadamia Farming as a beacon of hope and means to unlock opportunity. With vast hectares of fertile land and abundant water resources between the Shixini and Jujura rivers, the macadamia project provides a real opportunity for the community to play a meaningful role in the mainstream economy.


Amajingqi Investment Trust hold land usage rights on behalf of the 12 villages and manages the lease with operating company, Amajingqi Macadamia Farming. In addition, they have a 51% stake in Amajingqi Macadamia Farming.


Land and water resources

Strong leadership

Labour for training & employment

Security for project locations

Mobilise access to government grants for infrastructure development

Mobilise project support within communities

Ensure maximal community beneficiation


The topography of the area will make mechanisation (especially harvesting) impossible thus making the operation labour intensive. This means the venture will feature a strong human resource base for the Amajingqi community.

Tractor hire, transportation, accommodation, welding, plumbing, painting and building are some of services the company has identified for local procurement.

While there are 300 hectares of established orchards, a hotel, conference facility, café and its beautiful country views is what will make this place really special. Tourists can also enjoy the country views and tours of the plantation. International buyers could also link up with the company, providing exposure and highlight the success of a community-private partnership venture. Other initiatives such as bird watching, camping, hiking and mountain biking would also attract tourists and visitors.

Emerging farmers within the Amajingqi Macadamia Farming network have the potential to run new macadamia projects under the technical expertise of Amajingqi Macadamia Farming.