About the company
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We are a macadamia producing enterprise situated on the scenic Transkei coastline in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Our nut plantations span 300ha of fertile land that is accessible to an abundant water supply between the Shixini and Jujura rivers. The area’s climate conditions are also highly favourable for macadamia plantations.

Amajingqi Macadamia Farming is founded on a community-private partnering model with local communities making their land parcels attractive to macadamia nut planting. The successful implementation of the Ncera Macadamia Project, 30km from East London, is a model on which Amajingqi Macadamia Farming is built and underpinned by:

Training & skills empowerment

Community capacity building

Community wealth creation and rural upliftment

Community mobilisation

World class orchard development

Establishment of a nut drying facility and processing factory

Establishment of a nursery with the scope to produce quality seedlings for new orchards

Achieving higher than industry average yields on the first crop harvested


We have the intellect, experience, skills, energy and networking capabilities to facilitate the development of a profitable and sustainable macadamia business. As such, we are steadfast towards the creation of employment; commitment to stakeholders; and delivery of a world-class product to the local and global economy.


  • Conducting operations within legal and ethical guidelines.
  • Providing opportunities for upliftment, promotion & self-improvement of all employees at all categories.
  • Focusing on employees’ upliftment, work performance, accountability, self-esteem & standard of living.
  • Providing in-house training for adult literacy, life skills, supervisory courses, practical field courses, machinery operations & specialist work.

Our vision is to be a world class macadamia nut production operation where communities realise real wealth created through the use of their land.