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Amajingqi Macadamia is a macadamia producing enterprise situated on the scenic Transkei coastline in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Our nut plantations span 300ha of fertile land that is accessible to an abundant water supply between the Shixini and Jujura rivers.


Amajingqi Macadamia Farming is founded on a community-private partnering model made up of 12 villages within the Mbashe Municipality.

It’s population of about 9,500 residents live in impoverished conditions. The youth make up 65% of the population and 54% of are female.


To be a world class macadamia nut production operation where communities realise real wealth created through the use of their land.


Why does the Eastern Cape provides favourable conditions to grow macadamias?

  • East Cape coastal climate is ideal.
  • Rand hedge capability and low input costs associated with macadamia production supports long-term profitability (R50,000/ha at maturity).
  • Macadamia’s are labour intensive supporting job creation.
  • Tourist income can be harvested through community initiatives ie cultural villages.
  • Macadamia industry is new to the Eastern Cape and rural communities will be best placed in exploiting first mover advantage with this product within the region.

Amajingqi Macadamia Farming forms part of East Cape Macadamia’s bold plan to establish 4,200ha plantation made up 300ha units within rural communities in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga and Limpopo over a ten-year period.

Emergency Hotline: 0800 029 999
WhatsApp Support Line:  0600-123456